Federal Housing Administration Loans Debt consolidation is one reason many people refinance.

FHA Loans – Moving up to a new home with little money down

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans offer relaxed underwriting standards, a lower down payment requirement, and less stringent restrictions so more people can buy homes. We are proud to be an FHA Direct Endorsement Lender for over 55 years.

    FHA loans – Government-insured loan to get you into a home

  • Mortgage payments are more affordable because FHA loans offer lower interest rates
  • Friends or family can assist with your down payment.
  • Underwriting is less strict and more understanding of past credit problems because of government guarantee
  • We are a FHA Direct Endorsement Lender and can do everything including loan approvals in our office

    Our loan officers understand FHA loans

  • Our loan officers are very experienced with FHA
  • Loan officers are responsive and will explain FHA guidelines, answer questions and handle every detail through closing
  • We promise exceptional, prompt and personalized service from every mortgage employee every step of the way.
  • Almost 30 years of strength and stability in lending.

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